Peter Seah, MBA, CPF

Co-Founder of Digital Collaboration Academy

Peter has a MBA (Hull) and is an IAF™ Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) and a Certified Assessor™ in the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), Certified Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance©) among many other professional accreditations.

Paul Nunesdea, PhD, CPF

Co-Founder of Digital Collaboration Academy

Paul Nunesdea is the English pen name of Paulo Nunes de Abreu, IAF™ Certified Professional Facilitator, Master of Ceremonies, Author, and Publisher of the book series - Architecting Collaboration.

Monica Kumalasari

Founder at MKS Learning Indonesia

Monica Kumalasari is a GroupMap™ Certified Facilitator and Digital Collaboration Academy Country Representative in Indonesia.

Thomas Krecker

Principal Consultant at TFK Consulting

Thomas Krecker is the Principal Consultant of TFK Consulting who has had extensive experience as an events manager and conference organizer and Digital Collaboration. Thomas facilitates our GroupMap™ advanced courses.

Carolina Ribeiro de Almeida

Virtual Facilitator and workshop designer at Aprendix.Global

Global Liberating Structures Practitioner and co-founder of Aprendix. Carolina hosts our GroupMap™ Certified Facilitator in the US West Coast.

Fernando Murray Loureiro

Virtual Facilitator and Consultant at Tursa Group.

Over the years, Fernando has been combining his careers as a Graphic Designer and Group Facilitator. With knowledge, practice and certifications in areas such as Enneagram, Coaching and Horizontal Leadership, the best he can offer is his endless curiosity for human adaptation capacity and his willingness to get to know different cultures. Fernando hosts our GroupMap™ Certified Facilitator in the US West Coast.