Carolina Ribeiro de Almeida
Virtual Facilitator and workshop designer at Aprendix.Global

Global Liberating Structures Practitioner and co-founder of Aprendix. Carolina hosts our GroupMap™ Certified Facilitator in the US West Coast.

Carolina has lived her childhood in countryside of São Paulo - Brazil, enjoying farm's life simplicity. I became an Agronomist graduated at the University of São Paulo. 

Her passion for horses helped many people to challenge themselves through horseback riding. Her talent to encourage people led me to a path of no return within education.

Her first Leadership Experiencial Seminar was at the United States in 1994, with Educo Colorado. After this experience, she has been connected with social and environmental projects at different regions in Brazil. 

In 2001, Carolina became one of the first Outward Bound Instructors in Brazil, leading Outdoor Educators Courses, Professional Development Programs, and the Train the Trainer for new instructors. In 2007, she met a self develop system called Enneagram and completed the Enneagram Professional Training Program with Up9 Human Development. 

In 2009, she concluded the Waldorf Pedagogy Seminar and the Consultant and Leader Facilitator Program with ADIGO Consultants. 

In 2012, Carolina finished the Horizontal Leadership Master Program with IMO Consultants. On the same year, I worked as Consultant and Teacher in Biodynamic Agriculture Course at Elo Institute. In 2013, She got her certification for Professional and Life Coaching from the ICI - Integrated Coaching Institute.

In 2003 she founded with her partner a company called Aprendix. Since then she has been creating new ways to integrate people, encourage person self-awareness and helping to find purpose and harmony in teams.