Fernando Murray Loureiro
Virtual Facilitator and Consultant at Tursa Group.

Over the years, Fernando has been combining his careers as a Graphic Designer and Group Facilitator. With knowledge, practice and certifications in areas such as Enneagram, Coaching and Horizontal Leadership, the best he can offer is his endless curiosity for human adaptation capacity and his willingness to get to know different cultures. Fernando hosts our GroupMap™ Certified Facilitator in the US West Coast.

Fernando Murray is co-founder of a consulting company, Aprendix, in 2003, which became Aprendix.Global in 2015, when the founders decided to stay in Canada after a sabbatical period of almost 3 years.

Fernando is an active member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), and one of the founders and President of the Brazilian Chapter, today the largest in Latin America. He is also a member of the Association of Experiential Education (AEE), where he continues to learn and exchange with Outdoor Educators in the Northwest region of America.

Currently he resides with his family in Nelson, a small community nested in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. In his sabbatical period in Nelson, Fernando graduated with an Interdisciplinary Diploma in Peace Studies, Administration and Digital Arts at Selkirk College.